Over 80% of all smartphones can use NFC and tap for information. Here are some simple instructions:


Make sure NFC is on in settings, and tap with back of phone

Apple iPhone 7 to iPhone X

App Store download: “Thinfilm”; open “scan” and tap with top of phone

Apple iPhone XR, XS, XS Max

Simply tap with top of phone

  • Oh yes, they will tap, if there is something in it for them. Our team has experience working with clients where we saw:
  • >30% of all marketing assets in market were tapped by unique users. That customer has moved from that pilot to a much bigger campaign now.
  • Once tapped, we saw a 58% acquisition rate in a North Asia market.
  • We consistently see tapping and engagement rates at 3x or more of any traditional marketing investment.
  • The NFC solution is far superior to a QR code if you want to build a deep engagement with your consumer. A QR code is “one and done” and goes to a webpage. With NFC you can have different content on each successive tap of your smartphone, and thus a more immersive experience.  You can have as many taps/steps as you want and is easy to program using our Cloud Portal.  You can change the content anytime you want.
  • QR codes are ugly and off-brand. With NFC, you build in the call-to-action to the overall design.
  • QR codes are easily copied and pasted. NFC chips are unique, with 128 bit encryption and are randomized/serialized; thus enabling better track and trace and product authentication capabilities.
  • QR codes require you to open an app, and to have very good lighting (good luck therefore in a bar). NFC chips need no lighting and require less of a steady hand.
  • We can go on and on, but why not contact us and we can explain in more depth?

One NFC chip will cost pennies, but obviously no one is interested in one unit. Pricing varies on volume and goes down significantly as this increases. Software / Cloud Portal access is on a subscription/saas basis and is extremely reasonable.

If you are looking at it from a COGS perspective then it’s a waste of time. Do you have a marketing budget? If the answer is yes, then we can take a tiny slice of that budget and show much higher ROI.

You want to have a volume of market penetration and activity in order to get solid data. Printing and conversion is a significant component of the cost of producing the marketing asset, and most printers/converters want volumes well in excess of 10K in order to get your price down per unit.

No. There is no data privacy or GDPR issue. When the consumer shows intent and taps their phone, the initial data is time, location, device OS, and unique device ID.  We don’t know their name yet, or their email or phone number, but you can start to engage the consumer in order to get more of these details (if the consumer sees something in it for them).

  • When the consumer shows intent and taps their phone, the initial data is time, location, device OS, and unique device ID. You also start to build deep data and analytics around how your campaign is performing today? (not waiting until campaign completion to understand what worked or didn’t work).
  • What stores / outlets / bars / hospital clinics….are seeing high or low activity? (so which one should the sales reps visit in order to improve performance).
  • Am I seeing strange patterns in the data, with products potentially diverted (parallel imported)?