Our Solution

We offer you a turn-key solution for ideating, creating, implementing and monitoring your NFC campaign. We also offer you the flexibility to choose what components you want source via us, or deliver via your own resources.

Our integrated, yet modular solution includes:

  • Ideating and understanding our NFC campaign.  How will the campaign be structured, what data will we capture, how will we measure success?
  • Sourcing the NFC chips, and the software / cloud portal.
  • Managing the printing and conversion sourcing and process, as the NFC chips are placed inside paper assets, plastic dongles…..etc.
  • Helping with the NFC asset segmentation, batching and organization.
  • Staying involved in the campaign and supporting you and your creative agency on communication or campaign nuances.
  • Training and enablement on the software / cloud portal.  This includes the programming of the NFC assets.
  • Ongoing monitoring of the campaign, performance and key data and analytics.

We guide you and partner with you to ensure you drive a successful campaign with strong business and ROI results.